Directress’s Message

We create success utilising our undiminished passion and dedication for our partners using our proven values as the catalyst and guiding lights, resolute to find success when facing unique challenges.


A Letter from Our Directress

Renata Sabová

@Trade’s journey began in 2015 with a discussion with my common-law husband about a family run company involved in international trading. As our company has grown, so has our belief in our future and vision of our impact on the world around us. Today, I can sincerely say that our efforts have been fruitful, and we not only survived this period as a company, but we can be proud of our achievements.


These past years have been hard on our industries, and we survived through our dedication to our customers, which was reciprocated in a way that none of us has dared to dream about before.

Throughout these years we have created success utilising our undiminished passion and dedication for our partners, using our proven values as the catalysts and guiding lights, resolute to find success when facing unique and sometimes seemingly overwhelming challenges.


The last two years crystallised and proved how much our partners, people and purpose matter by showing all the difference we could make by being honest and true to our values.

We showed that respect and care shared on all levels and career stages provides not only safety, trust and openness, but also serves our common source of pride to resort to when times harden.

This period also showed how deep our commitment for our partners’ success runs in our veins, making us able to exceed expectations almost constantly.

It also proved our view about accepting responsibility for our decisions while acting honestly and keeping integrity to be held up as our primary objective.

The reciprocation for making sure that we serve our communities with pride while embracing inspiration, creativity, collaboration and encouragement of ideas not only bettered us but also provided with the much-needed drive forward when the road became exceedingly bumpy for us and our industry as well.

We want to make sure that we excel with all these in the future to an even greater extent, and also that we share our business success and the joy derived from it not only with those involved, but with our communities as well.

We shall and will always be keen on striving for better, guided by our purpose and values toward a better common future.

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